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Lost in space #6

"Lost in space #6"

Artist: Malcolm Armstrong

Medium: Oil

Size: 16" x 20"

Price: $300

To inquire of the artist directly about this work please email: or call: 250-629-6571


This is one of several “Lost in Space” paintings that I have done. They are inspired by actual photographs taken in outer space. Some of these photos are under copyright so I am not allowed to copy them exactly but this is not really an issue because it is not possible to paint an exact copy from such photos, it is even harder than copying Turner. So I have tried to represent the subjects but my primary intention is to create beautiful paintings.

I have always found astronomy fascinating and I enjoyed celestial navigation for many years when I was working at sea.

It is hard to comprehend that some of these “scenes” are thousands of light years away from Earth which means that we are observing action that took place thousands of years ago. As we look into space, some of the events we are witnessing are actually “happening” thousands of years ago and at the same time we are seeing some events happening more recently. If we had more advanced technology we could observe, in one image, simultaneously, life and events on various other planets in many different periods of time depending on the distance from Earth.

If there are beings observing us from outer space they are not seeing us as we are now but they are looking back at our history or the history of our planet or our solar system.

I signed these paintings before I had finished painting them in order to establish “which way up”; but when you get them home if you wish to imagine that you are observing from Australia or from Mars, feel to free to turn the painting sideways or upside down – but don’t mess with my signature.

Malcolm C. Armstrong