Pender Island Art Society
Pender Island Art Society

Schedule for Workshops Spring 2024

The workshops are subject to change.

Our next session is April 30, Tuesday evening 7-9 at the Anglican church.

Corrine Parker will lead us in a "critiquing session" Bring some artwork and get some feedback from fellow artists. We did this on an afternoon session and it was quite rewarding.

David Goatley Landscape painting workshop

May 10 and 11th, 10-4- a 2 day landscape workshop with David Goatley. Meeting place at the Hope Bay Bible camp.

Nonmembers welcome - $100.00 for workshop. Members $80.00

Please email or message Margaret Alpen if you are interested.

Registration closes April 25th.

Pastel workshop

(posted on 13 Dec 2023)

An invitation to all the members -
Come and join us on Jan 8 and the 22, 1:00-3:00, as we explore the world of pastels. Thanks to Grace we have all the supplies you need to have some fun. We have lots of pastels, paper, blending tools, and more. Just bring your ideas or pictures you would like to recreate.
All you need to bring are masks, small dust busters, and gloves (we have a few). We also have a selection of books available for reference and we also invite you to take them home. I will bring a list of the glass, for framing that she left, if you want to frame them. Sorry I don't have frames. We also have a selection of mats, some of which are rather large. We decided to try the 2 consecutive sessions as members can work with pastels at home and then bring your work to the last session or continue playing with the pastels.
Supplies- if you want to, you can bring any pastels of your own. The neat thing is, we can compare the different brands of pastels available. Needed-Gloves, Masks, small handheld vacuum cleaners and you and your ideas. Non-members can join us for a drop in fee of $5.00


Monday Feb 5 1-3- with Corrine Parker.  "Critique"

We all put our heart and soul on the line when we create art, and we need to be respectful in our process of investigation.

The critique has 2 foci;

Part One is to point out what we see working most effectively in others’ work (because it is often easier to see things in others’ work than in your own, because you’re so close to it.)

As a discussion opens, it can also be respectfully suggested that there are also alternatives that could be used to achieve a given result. Or an artist can ask for feedback on ideas relating to a given piece.

Part two After the group speaks about each piece, then the artist gets to respond about their work asking for clarification if desired or suggesting their own ideas about their work, based on comments made by the group.

The wrap up is your takeaway of what you’ve learned in the session, either about the specific piece of art that you brought, or just in general terms. Each person gets to speak and hear their response.

Everyone is encouraged to comment, as we move through the selection. 

This is not a competition. This is a supportive investigation of work, whether you have a formal understanding of the elements of art or just that you can express how a certain work of art, or even an element of that art, makes you feel.

Ideally pieces should be big enough so they can be hung on the wall or on easel and be appreciated from a minimum 4 feet away so that the piece can be seen by everybody. 

The first ten minutes is an opportunity for a silent inspection of each work up close, by all.

If this session is well received; it could become an ongoing practice. Especially a month before a show! If you have an easel, either floor or table would help.  Please feel free to bring 2-3 pieces of your work.  We may look at one but if there is extra time we can do more than one.

Art is not restricted to paintings- All forms of work ie. Prints, Collages, Drawings are welcome."


Tuesday Feb 20 7-9 - Exploring the use of different tools and ways to draw" with Margaret Alpen

(Note this is the first of our trial with evening classes.) 

Drawing- Different ways of capturing an image on paper

Using a multiple of different tools we will explore the world of drawing. Creating different ways of seeing what is in front of you and getting the image down on paper.

Tools- pencils, pens, brushes, india ink, watercolour, erasers, good quality paper and your curiosity and energy.


Monday Mar 4 ,1-3 -Poichor Printing with Bev Peden

Pochoir Printmaking is a technique used by many artists to create prints using stencils.  You can look up Youtube videos on Pochoir Printmaking, and you will have a sense of the process.


Fri May 10, Sat May 11- Landscapes workshop with David Goatley

Hope Bay Bible Camp

"What goes into making a strong landscape? How do we simplify the vast complexity of nature into a convincing painting? We’ll talk about composition, looking for a strong motif, and building a picture literally from the ground up."

(More information coming).