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First Responders

"First Responders"

Artist: Malcolm Armstrong

Medium: Oil

Size: 12" x 16"

Price: $1000

To inquire of the artist directly about this work please email: or call: 250-629-6571

First responders

Throughout the winter months the Washington State Department of Ecology pays the cost of maintaining a tug at Neah Bay near the outer entrance to the Strait of Juan de Fuca. This tug is on stand by in case a ship gets into difficulty and requires assistance. In some cases when a ship is deemed to have unreliable engines or for any other reason the US Coast Guard may insist that the ship be escorted by a tug to its port of destination.

One of the tugs to perform this duty is the Lauren Foss belonging to Foss Maritime of Seattle. She is a large ocean going tug and has answered many calls for assistance, usually in very rough sea conditions and thereby has averted disaster and coastal pollution. Also shown in this painting is one of the USCG motor lifeboats stationed at Neah Bay.