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Lion Around

"Lion Around"

Artist: Kelly Leroux

Media: Acrylic on wood cradle

Size: 8" x 8"

Price: Sold

After a photo by Derek Holzapfel, (with permission).

Steller sea lions are the largest eared seals. They are an endangered species.

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Painting helps me see the world, and it demands that I really look.

With a background in biology, I like to notice the tiny or tremendous ways that our natural world operates. I want to understand the why and how.

The examination of colour, structure and function help me do that.

The journey of discovery is joyous. Our environment doesn’t try to be spectacular; it just is. We need to pay attention, and preserve it.

I have studied at the Vancouver Island School of Art, with the Pender Island Art Society in workshops and classes, and with a variety of independent artists.

Recent work is mostly in acrylics, sometimes with the addition of sand, shells or other natural materials.

Biologist, mother, grandmother, doula, shoemaker, RN, market gardener, artist, student of nature.

I’m working at making more time for art.