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Cariboo Wild Horses

'Cariboo Wild Horses'

Artist: Suzanne Gaboury Cooper




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Everything inspires me! A rock, a gnarly piece of driftwood, moving shapes, god-light through the trees and sky...shadows, water play, music, Photography, Old Masters biographies & documentaries, and definitely our local Artists!
I’m Self-taught in many mediums, because I like to PLAY as I learn by happy accidents.
In the 1990’s I did join a Potter’s Guild for 5 years. I glean from books, magazines, How-to-Techniques from Library DVD's and other ceramic artists.
I was a keener for applying glaze like a Watercolour Painting on my thrown or hand-built platters & bowls. I enjoyed RAKU glazing & firing yard parties.
My love of sculpting & painting & fabric has taken many forms over the years as I am very tactile & love texture. Always loving the discoveries when I mix my mediums!